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  Eviska Infotech Pvt Ltd
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Mumbai - 400093, INDIA.
Our Vision

"To be the most Favored Vendor"

In the domain of
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Web based time attendance software
Eviska,Security Systems   Time and attendance software
Attendance Recording & Access Control
Attendance Recording & Access Control Solutions using following Reading devices

  • Contactless Smart Card Reader
  • Contactless Proximity Card Reader
  • Biometric Finger Print Readers
  • Handkey (Palm) Readers
  • Facial Recognition system
fingerprint readers
Access Control
Accessories for Access Control

  • Turnstiles
  • Electro-Magnetic latches
  •  Door Strikes
  • Drop Bolts
  • Flap Barrier
access control systems
ID Cards & Accessories
  • Cards
  • Labels
  • Lanyards
  • Yoyo Clips
  • Card Holders
attendance systems
Time & Attendance Software – WINARMS
WINARMS software is available in 2 versions – basic for small offices and Professional for Medium to large organizations

  • Fully PARAMETRIZED RULES SET-UP to incorporate all your company rules
  • REPORTS – that can be generated department-wise and Shift-wise to check attendance, Absenteeism, Late arrival, On duty, leave reports, Monthly muster, Overtime report, Employee Time Card, Link to Payroll and a lot more.
Time & Attendance Software – Web Enabled & eLeave management

WETOS is a Web Enabled Time Office System with real time leave applications and approvals through the use of the combination of Internet web forms and email system for effective leave management. Carefully evaluated, the technology behind the time tracking software ensures that the software is developed using the latest technology and is safe guarded against obsolescence.

attendance software
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  • A web-based system for handling all types of leave
  • Works wherever there’s LAN or WAN.
  • Allows staff to apply for leave online.
  • Allows managers and supervisors to approve or reject Employees’ leave requested from virtually anywhere across the globe via the web
  • Employees can get up-to-date information of their attendance & leave status
  • A simple, easy to use system that eliminates paper work
attendance systems
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Visitor Management

The Major Challenges faced by large companies today is management of visitors entering their premises. The demands on the persons managing the entries are not just limited to scanning the belongings of the visitors but also to ensure that the authorized visitors do not move about freely in the premises causing security issues. All these are addressed by VMS – The visitor Management software developed by Eviska.

Developed in-house this LAN based software allows multiple gate pass terminals to be set up at a single entry point or multiple entry points. On receipt of requests from the employees for allowing the visitors to enter the premises, a gate pass with Visitors Photograph is printed and colour coded access cards are issued to Visitors. These accessories provide visibility to authorized personnel to identify and question any visitor loitering around in the premises.

Features of VMS

  1. Multiple gate Pass generation terminals.
  2. Integration with access card system.
  3. Provision for casual visitors - Daily gate pass
  4. Provision for contract workers – Limited period gate pass
  5. Provision for employees of service providers – Long term gate pass
  6. Black listing of specific visitors.
  7. Black listing of specific companies.
  8. Generation of reports – Daily, Periodic analysis report.
Canteen Management
Canteen Management System is a necessity in all large companies, managing the canteen facility efficiently is still a major challenge in these companies as most companies still follow the old coupon systems & give low priority to automation / computerization of canteen facility.

At Eviska, we have developed solutions that automate the entire process of canteen management. The solution includes Card readers which will read your existing ID Cards used for marking attendance.

The entire functioning is cashless and paperless using Card Readers (Point of Sale units), PC and Canteen Management Software. The system is PC based, thus the control and administration of all transactions are stored in the PC for further processing and generation of Management Information Reports

  • Cashless, Paperless operation
  • On-line status available
  • Can be linked with attendance management system to assist in Quantity of food to be prepared /ordered.
  • The amount can be directly deducted from employee's salary.

A major priority for all ensemble places. CCTV are very vital for security supervision. They enable one to monitor moments in multidimensional view over large cover areas. Coming in various forms and specialties, our CCTV have a high resolution and added attributes.

attendance tracking software access control security systems web enabled software
time and attendance software business security systems access security systems
Fire Alarm

In terms with the growing electric vigorosity and hindrances pertaining with every individual industry, fire alarms are of necessity at all places. Our High end alarm system are thus highly essential as the first safety measure.

time and attendance software web based time attendance software visitor management software

Biometric Readers
    fingerprint readers   biometric fingerprint reader

RFID Readers
uhf rfid reader   rfid tag reader      

fingerprint system   biometric security systems        

Palm Readers   Id cards & Accessories   Half Height Turnstile
rfid reader      

Attendance systems

1. Attendance Recording & Access Controlling, Biometric Devices & Finger Print Readers
2 Hand Punch
3. 3D Face Recognition System
4. Attendance Recording /Access Control & Card Based Readers.

Access control security systems


1.Turnstiles HHT
2.Door Lock System
3.Hotel Door Lock System

Wetos For Corporate

2.Card Holders
4.Yoyo Clips
Visitor management software
Time and attendance software
Larsen & Toubro Limited  Mumbai, better known as
L & T for the supply of over 80 Smart Card Readers for Attendance Management of 7000 employees.

PAN Card Group of Companies, for the supply of HID Readers for all of the offices, Clubs and Hotels operated by them across India.
We achieved more... Attendance tracking software

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